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The following excerpts are from the book, The Acceptance Guidebook.



(Excerpt from Conscious Spiritual Teaching and Source Aligned Service)


“….Before we have surrendered our minds to God, the compulsion that ego offers us is to share what we think we know. While we may indeed know something and while sharing what we know may be helpful, we still need to carefully listen within. We need to recognize and feel if our intention to serve is focused on offering what is needed, or bolstering what is known. Higher quality in service will entail recognizing and providing with more awareness what is needed. Without listening carefully within, we may fall victim to ego’s justification of itself. When our ego recognizes a circumstance in which it feels it can justify its intervention, it can trick us into believing that proving itself equals spiritual service….”




(Excerpt from Seek First the Kingdom of God)


“….Sometimes we wonder concerning matters of spirituality when we cannot derive a sense of truth about our divinity from within our mind alone. This is because divinity deals with feeling whereas facts appeal to the mind. The mind’s primary interest is to increase its comfort level, but not change. In this way, the mind can fool us into believing that we are growing or changing when really it is not willing to surrender anything to our divinity. In other words, “control” exists so that the ego mind can persuade us that we are on a journey, but as long as the mind remains in control, we are not really moving ahead spiritually. Instead, the mind strives for its own idea of perfection, which basically means “mastering manipulation of externals.” This is why financial success is the “end of the road” in the mind’s effort to preserve itself….”




(Excerpt from You are the Gatekeeper)


“….No matter how good we get at living life, we will always encounter challenges. It’s healthy to have challenges because they help us refine what we want. The key is to allow those challenges to serve us instead of limit us. If we are allowing life to serve us, it’s a challenge. If we are allowing life to limit us, it’s a struggle. If we let our lives be defined by our struggles, then we allow our lives to be run by our egos. The goal isn’t to triumph over all of the struggles; the goal is to grow beyond the need for the struggles….”




(Excerpt from How to Trust Your Guidance)


“….Following a choice that feels better may sometimes peel us away from the very thing that we are intent on working on, like writing a book, for example. In this sense, it may seem extremely counterproductive to follow a feel-good impulse or nudge to eat at a restaurant when we have a book that we feel we must be writing instead. But the choice to trust our guidance means that we choose to follow our feel-good impulses over our agendas. Trusting these feel-good impulses despite our ego’s compulsive agenda tells us that we are choosing alignment. A dead giveaway of compulsive ego agenda is that there is nothing in it that feels good or asks us to trust. Ego only promises that we will feel good but rarely delivers….”




(Excerpt from Autopilot, Self-Worth, and Being Myself)


“….An interesting definition of self-worth came to me this weekend while talking to a friend. “Self-worth means how much it is worth to you to be yourself.” In that definition, self-worth had nothing to do with how well or how much or how deeply I could do something. It simply meant, “How much are you willing to put yourself through before you decide to just be you?” “Is it worth not being you?” When we have little self-worth, we don’t believe that being ourselves is good enough, or worthwhile. That doesn’t only mean to feel unworthy. It could also mean that we might spend a lot of our time trying to be something other than who we are, meaning non-acceptance of ourselves. Sometimes, we do such a great job of being someone else instead of just being ourselves that we wonder why things don’t work out for us. We lose touch with our authenticity. That’s a self-worth issue, too, only buried and harder to recognize….”




(Excerpt from Spiritual Surrender)


“….It may help us to remember that we truly can’t expect to create a solution at the level of the mind when the mind created the problem. In fact, no real solutions exist at the level of the mind alone. Our surrendering, our going higher, our accessing of a higher energy and consciousness is what creates a solution. This will be truthful for any problem’s solution. In order to have a real solution, we must come from an awareness that is higher than the problem. If we want real change, we must access a part of us that is bigger than the mind alone. Although we do not understand the process of surrender, we can know the experience of it because it makes us feel at ease….”





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