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Emotional Development Success Coaching Program


Receive Comprehensive Support for Your Emotional Development (including Emotional Change-Work). Learn tools, techniques, healthy coping skills, encouragement, accountability, learn responsibility.  Coaching program may include supporting client on the topics listed below.  (Serving clients world-wide via phone or Skype; no in-person option.)



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"The Necessary Art of Saying No" 

by Todd Schaefer




Program Benefits:


- Managing your emotions, learn how emotions are interrelated

- Set healthy boundaries / stop allowing people to take advantage of you 

- Learn the nature of negative behaviors and why you cant feel loved while in them

- Identify victimhood and learn how to make choices with anything

- Unravel whatever emotions / issues are surfacing for you

- Learn vulnerability / how to tell your truth to others / be authentic

- How to stop looking for approval from others / stop people pleasing

- How to stand in your power with others / love, but not need

- Be nurtured, supported, validated and encouraged

- Learn how to be more present / reduce worry about the future

- Feel worthy without having to DO or BE anything special

- Unravel your parent tapes / release their power over you, even if parents are deceased

- Break away from group thinking and tribal expectations

- Identify and release self-sabotage

- Live healthier with food and exercise tips

- Give up approval and learn how to feel worthy of love

- Identify and pull away from your control issues

- How to begin practicing unconditional love towards yourself and others



Program Details:


- 1 on 1 weekly private coaching via phone or Skype with Todd Schaefer, awarded Natural Awakenings Magazine Life Coach of the Year 2014

- 60 minute sessions, 3 times per month (break 4th week each month for homework)

- 6 month program or 1 year program



- Free 60-90 minute consultation with Todd to determine if this program is right for you.  Call our office, Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic, at 602-759-5776 to schedule an in-person or over the phone consult with Todd.

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