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Perceptual Responsibility via Food Stamps-Spiritual Implications of Economic Job Shortage

August 24th, 2011 12:26:00 pm

We are a growing nation.  Of course, our dependency upon sustenance will always be a need. However, we need to remember that what we need isn’t always as it appears.


Enforcing a Standard


We’ve heard about drug testing being implemented for food stamps qualification, and overall that is good. Since there is more demand for government assistance now, we create the growing awareness of what needs to happen in order to be more in “alignment” with our allocation of resources.  Meaning, if we weren’t having a shortage of jobs, we wouldn’t necessarily see the need to become more responsible with reducing the number of abusers of the system.  That’s the point, isn’t it?  We want to enforce a standard of responsibility, but we must remember that there is a double-edged sword involved.


The responsibility that we enforce to abusers is one way to create accountability. However, I raise the issue that we (who aren’t on food stamps) need to remember to be accountable as well.  What do I mean?


It’s easy to condemn those who are on food stamps.  It’s easy to lump them all together into one big pile of “drug addicts.”  But seriously, with a 74% increase of people on food stamps since 2007, clearly, a vast majority of them are NOT drug addicts.  They are normal people doing their best to improve their situation.


Perceptual Responsibility


The thing I am pointing out here is our need to be responsible with our perceptions.   It is incredibly easy to take a look at an issue, and deem it as inappropriate, wrong or generalize with a judgment.  But I promise you, the very fabric within the way we perceive and judge is an inherently large and yet overlooked part of  our human decision to determine what a “problem” really is.


Our condemnation and generalization of our collective problems is usually an after-thought until it affects us personally.  Once we are part of a growing demographic, then the importance of an issue rises because it has become part of our immediate concern.  Needless to say, the sweeping labels that we tend to make (I’m guilty too) are more accurately due to our need to feel better than the situation than it is due to our need to be accountable to remaining responsible with our opinions.


Speak Responsibly


The simple words that we use will either hold us in bondage, or move us into freedom.  We get something from making condemnations.  We get a very small “lift.”  What we aren’t always aware of is that those words pull us further into seduction consciousness.  If we get enough momentum rolling, we lose all contact with our power, we’re complaining about everything, and we’re wondering why things aren’t getting better for us.  The answer is we’re not taking responsibility of our power.  We’ve been overpowered without knowing it.


Let us be responsible with the way we speak about our economy, about others, and about ourselves.  It is crucial, and it can be a challenge.  Let us be mindful how we express our thoughts and perceptions, and remember that “how we see things” is an integral part of the way we see ourselves, and an integral part of our belief systems.  Pragmatically speaking, we only reveal something about ourselves when we speak. Do you see why coming from a place of compassion and responsibility is of the utmost importance in creating solutions? We have to agree that solutions exist, and we have to agree that we need to be more responsible in simply how we give back to the whole what we

perceive.  By our own words alone, we either condemn ourselves or we free ourselves.


As I write this, I have just come out of a small stint of seduction consciousness myself, where I had noticed that my words were gaining momentum in the wrong direction for several days.  And that “lift” of seduction that I received

from doing so was my belief in fear and giving up, even though I seemed to get something from it.


It doesn’t matter how many times we give up, or fall into seduction.  It really doesn’t.  It only matters how many times we agree to pull ourselves out of it.  Time doesn’t matter.  You could live your whole life being “bad” and wake up at the end of it, and that would be good enough (and your spirit would thank you).


Speak What’s Going Right


But it can be better. Food stamps are irrelevant.  Let’s pay closer attention and focus on what is going right about what’s happening, and we’ll start creating change.  We forget our power every time we invest in problems instead of solution thoughts.  Don’t be seduced by those who add fuel to problems, thinking that digging deeper into them will create a solution.  Solutions happen when we agree to think the same way about problems – they don’t really exist.


The economy will right itself.  Things aren’t always as they seem.  Don’t fear. Live with courage.  Keep getting back up.  Keep believing.  Recession is only judged as “bad” if your idea of growth is limited to “getting more.” True growth isn’t about “getting more.”  It’s about getting rid of what isn’t needed.  And what is true about you will remain.


c2011 Todd Schaefer

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