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What is Conscious Choice?

March 25th, 2011 12:18:00 pm


“That which hurts us the most we see as an “end” because we cannot see past the fears we haven’t yet released. But all paths continue on the other side of our limitations; we simply don’t always choose to walk that far.”  –Excerpt from The Acceptance Guidebook


I just released a limitation that I’ve had my entire life.  I think it was possibly the apprehension that I’ve had since I was a kid, or perhaps the fear of the future that occasionally comes up within me.  I don’t quite know, I just know that I consciously chose to walk past feeling confined, and it was brittle enough to have a serious breakthrough. 


You know how it is; sometimes we kick butt at what we do.  Other times, we choose to allow our fears to culminate into one big blob of mass until we release them.  The cool thing is our spirit knows what it’s doing, even when we say that we don’t know what we’re doing.   I am so thankful that I have given myself the opportunity to get so intimately connected with one of my limitations that I’ve wanted to change.  I am so thankful that I’ve put myself in a situation where I knew that I HAD to grow, or otherwise I would just wither away into mompishness. (I know it’s not a word.)  God is good.


It took me eight weeks to make this shift, and probably many smaller ones before this one, and I’m sure many more to come, because we never stop expanding.  It’s just nice to make enough of a conscious choice to really feel the change in my heart with fears that before I’ve never surmounted.  I kept changing my focus until my pain body submitted.   That’s empowerment.


So what is conscious choice?  It’s kind of hard to define.  It means making new choices.  Choices that empower us; choices that incline us to trust rather than rely on old choices that we’ve made many years ago, for example, could be considered conscious choices.  Can you imagine for a moment how we might be inhibiting the flow of life force energy through us if we are running a program in our minds from 1996?  


It can be such a challenge to walk into new pastures when we have never known that we were “allowed” to walk into new pastures.  Even with our problems, we do this. Meaning, when we have a problem and we want a solution, one that might most benefit us won’t occur to us if we are not conditioned to allow that type of solution, or if we’re not used to making real choices.  In other words, good answers don’t occur to us if we’re not used to keeping them active within us.  Fascinating. 


The good thing is that the more we release, the better we feel.  What is even better is that the natural state of allowing and going beyond fear makes us feel great!  I don’t mean only feeling satisfied.  ’Satisfied’ can mean everything is set in its place, but we can still be deathly afraid of change and thus, growth.  I mean we feel life force energy surging through us.  Smells open up, food tastes better, suddenly our dry sense of humor becomes funny to others.  We’re firing new neurons.  When we’re making NEW choices for ourselves, we are unblocking years of conditioned responses, and our vitality jumps off the charts in response to new choices, and new energy.


I invite you to find out what kinds of conscious choices you can make, despite any pre-existing notions you have about yourself, and just watch how your energy aligns and expands.


God bless you.  Have a great day!

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